ISID Training Course

NX owned by Siemens PLM Software is an integrated and specialized system for CAD CAM CAE. The software is an integrated product design solution that optimizes and multiplies the process of product development for those engineers willing to deliver innovative product in a collaborative setting, Learn the skills to help you create creative, scalable product design.

ISID provide a Siemens PLM NX training course or Unigraphics (UG) NX to all felds of use CAD, CAM, CAE. Also, ISID provides a wide variety of NX training course that will suit to all user at any level from beginners with little or no experience on how to use NX until experienced engineer. With well experienced and certifed trainer ISID can provide the most comprehensive training course that will increase the learner technique and skill for the program.

"ISID is the only siemens partner in Thailand that can provide Siemens standard training (STP) and a certificate from siemens."

Training Course

CAD Training
ISID provide a wide variety of training program from start using basic program commands (Basic modeling, drafting, assembly) to complex surface shape for complex engineering part.

CAM Training
ISID categorize the cam training program using machining type example: 2.5-Axis, 3-Axis, 5- Axis milling to meets learner requirements

CAE Training
ISID provide full training for Siemens Simcenter for Pre/post fundamentals which includes structural analysis and normal mode.


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